Tours are closed from Thursday 18th May 2023, and will be back in full operation again from 1st September 2023

About Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

In Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Swim with Sea Lions and Dolphins

Swim with Sea Lions and Dolphins Tour

swim with sealions eyre peninsula bird bay south australia

Swim with unfed, untrained, totally wild Sea Lions and Dolphins at Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula. This tour takes you out on the boat to meet these gorgeous sea creatures.

Swim with wild Sea Lions

Swim with wild Dolphins

swim with sealions eyre peninsula bird bay south australia

About Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

Started in 1992, Alan and Patricia Payne run this family owned business which operates from Baird Bay, a small and remote coastal village situated on the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

On a calm day fishing in Baird Bay, a young Sea Lion approached our boat full of curiosity as to what we were up to. We pulled in our fishing lines and sat watching him. This bought the timid Sea Lion even closer to our boat and Alan couldn’t resist slipping into the water to meet this young Sea Lion. Since this moment an incredible friendship has formed between the Sea Lions and us.

“A must-do when travelling Eyre Peninsula!”

Baird Bay Cafe

The sit-down cafe is closed until Covid 19 is eradicated.
We do offer takeaway food, hot drinks, ice creams, and cool drinks.

Baird Bay Dolphin Swims

The Dolphins are so different from the Sea Lions, they are so close but at the same time keep themselves slightly aloof, with what seems to be a magical element. As with the Sea Lions, our friendship with the Dolphins began humbly, simply and with no knowledge.

Our first encounter with the Dolphins was a couple of years on from the Sea Lions as we rarely saw a Dolphin in the bay when fishing. As the interaction began so naturally, we cannot remember exactly when this friendship began, or why it happened. But we are glad that it did!

“Play with the puppies of the sea!”

Ride West SA

If you’re staying in Streaky Bay we recommend Ride West SA, who have bikes available to hire by the hour or 24 hour hires.

swim with sealions eyre peninsula bird bay south australia
swim with sealions eyre peninsula bird bay south australia

About Jones Island, South Australia

In 1992, Jones Island Sea Lion population was thought to be around 25 to 35 Adult Sea Lions with around 6 pups thought to have been born. 2015/16 the Sea Lion population has grown to have approximately 120 Adult Sea Lions with the minimum pup birth number being around 20 per season.

There has never been official counts of the Dolphins in Baird Bay, so numbers are only official to Alan and Trish by their observation. First sightings put the numbers to around 4 maximum with sightings only occasional, with no calves being seen at all in the Bay until 1998. 2020 maintains around 25 in the resident pod of Dolphins with at least 4 calves being born each year in Baird Bay.

“Swimming with Sea Lions is an experience you will never forget!”

Contact Baird Bay

If you have any questions about Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience then please contact us via our email contact form or by calling us.

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience is for Sale

33 & 35 Baird Bay Road, Baird Bay, SA 5671

The business is an Eco-friendly marine mammal interaction tour swimming with both Australian Sea lions and Bottlenose Dolphins. It has been established since 1992 and is very popular with international and national tourists.

The owners have been here for nearly 30 years, and even though they love it they are looking to retire.

swim with sealions eyre peninsula bird bay south australia